Most iPhones
Repaired in 25 Minutes

No Appointment Needed

Most Samsung Repairs
Take 1 to 4 Hours.

Most iPads are repaired
the same day or the next day.

 LG G2 Screen Repair Folsom, PA 19083 Springfield, Pa Chester, Pa, Upper Darby, PA, Swarthmore, PA , Philadelphia, PA and nearby

Broken LG G2 Screen? Buttons not working? Get it repaired fast at Phone Repair Plus. We offer quick, same day service. Most LG G2 repairs can be done within 60 Minutes.

(45-60 minutes LG G2 Repair while you wait)

LG G2 Repair

Front Screen/LCD Replaced – $115

Call for prices on other repairs

lg g2-500x500

Have more then one device that needs to be repaired? Bring them both in and get a discount!

Phone Repair Plus is conveniently located on 1503 Macdade Blvd. Folsom, Pa 19033. If you need an LG G2 Repair repaired in Folsom, PA. Stop by Phone Repair Plus for fast service!

Call Phone Repair Plus and get an iPhone or cell phone repair quote for the lowest price in town 484-494-0201


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