• Quality screens, competitive prices

    Our technicians have years of experience and thousands of phones under their belts. We always use the highest quality parts available while remaining cheaper than most insurance plans.

    We guarantee a new life for your device

    All repairs come with a free 90 Day Warranty, and if we are unable to repair your device we don't charge you. Even if your device is beyond repair, we can still recover data and transfer it to a newer device.

    We service iPhones while you wait!

    Most repairs take less than 30 minutes. We offer a turnaround time of 24 hours or 1 business day for most other repairs. Get it done right the first time!

  • We offer a wide variety of repair services for iPhones, iPads and Computers.

    For more information on what we can do for you, please choose from one of our popular repair services. We've done our best to collect any information you may need, but if you have further questions please don't hesitate to call us!

  • Most iPhone repairs take under 30 minutes and can be done while you wait. Our technicians have years of experience with thousands of repairs under their belts and are knowledgeable, friendly, and ready to help with any issue you have. We only stock the highest quality parts and offer a full 90 Day Warranty on all repairs.

  • From viruses to batteries, screens, charge ports, and everything in between-- you can trust us to fix your computer! Whether you have an Apple or a Windows PC, our technicians have years of experience fixing all types of devices. We fix all types of computers, including laptops, desktops, and all-in-one PCs.

  • If your iPad screen is cracked you can trust our technicians to repair it. All our replacement screens are of the highest quality and come with a full 90 Day Warranty. Even if your iPad is bent, with smashed corners and missing pieces, we can still fix it! Our technicians have years of experience replacing repairing all types of iPads with all types of issues.

  • Screen Replacement

    Most screens can be replaced in under 30 minutes while you wait. We always use the highest quality parts available, and we also offer a free 90 Day Warranty with all screen replacements.

  • battery replacement

    We can replace batteries on most all devices, from laptops to tablets and phones. If your device is dying more frequently then when you first bought it, you may want to consider a battery replacement.

  • Charging Dock Replacement

    If you have to wiggle your charging cable to get your phone to charge, we can fix that! Even if it doesn't charge at all, we can help. Most charge port replacements can be done in under 30 minutes.

  • Headphone Jack Replacement

    If your headphones broke off inside your phone, or you can't get any audio at all, we can replace all headphone jacks-- and speakers as well.

  • Camera Replacement

    We can replace rear and front facing cameras. Even if your camera lens is smashed or heavily scratched, we can fix it! Don't settle for blurry selfies or spotty pictures again!

  • Home & Power Button Replacement

    If your home or power button no longer clicks or is sunken in, we can replace it! Most button replacements take less than 30 minutes. We replace not only power and home buttons, but volume and silence switches too.

  • Water Damage

    If your device has gotten wet, we can help! We have specialized equipment to restore devices that come in contact with liquid. Phones, tablets and computers can all be repaired.

  • Data Recovery

    If your device is broken, we can recover contacts, pictures, documents, videos and other data.

  • iPhone screen repair in 25 minutes. We are open 6 days for your iPhone, iPad, and computer repairs.  We have 2 locations, 11 N. Eagle Rd. Havertown, Pa and 1503 Macdade Blvd Folsom, Pa.